BTC/USDT : How to trade in volatile market


Hello everyone😃
BTC had many tries to break 14K resistance, But they all failed !
We got Bearish crossovers on daily timeframe but now, we have a little grow here.
But tomorrow, will make it reverse ! USA presidential election is about to end.

However The entire Crypto twitter is predicting that
If TRUMP Wins = That will be good for Bitcoin and it might Pump.
But if Biden Wins = That will not be that good for Bitcoin .

Also we will have some demonstration and it can affect market !
Best way to trade is to wait for 4H candle close, If it close above 13850$, it can bounce to 14570$
If it close below 13800$, it will touch 13300 or lower !

🔴 Keep in mind whoever wins the Impact on bitcoin will be short term.

Attention : this is not a financial advise we just try to help people on their own vision.

– Helical_Trades