It can be seen that the next one pen is missing in the daily level.
And fall within the pressure range of the ascending channel ,it may form top type.
So in the next few weeks,operate as far as possible short high.
And wait for the end of the daily callback.

At the current price of 132XX, the long-short profit-loss ratio is not ideal.
If you consider the profit and loss ratio layout,
Empty orders are recommended to be placed in the pressure zone 135XX-141XX
Long positions refer to Fibonacci-related positions of 0.618, 0.5, and 0.382.

In the long term, the bulls are still there, so don’t worry too much if you operate the spot.
The trend in the market is N-shaped and will not rise or fall all the way,
Callbacks are normal.

#Cryptocurrency market risk is high, please carefully assess operational risks.
This analysis is a personal comment and does not have any investment advice, please refer to it carefully.