Lets keep it simple.

We have 3 clear Target Zones.

Target 1 – 650
Target 2 – 593

Target 3 – 362
Then the last line of defence (which noone wants to see get broken)

As a trader you would want to see the following.

1- Price reaches 650 region (give or take a few sats ) and becomes new floor. Price above would need to break previous resistance at 800.
2- Price falls through 650 but finds plenty of support at 590, tests it a few times before breaking previous resistance at 800 and turning that into support.
3 – Price drops to 360 region and unless there is some seriously wrong with CRO price should hold strong here and provide the perfect entry price.

Moral is low.
Faith in team is low.
Product (card cashback, perks) is strong.

Lets see how this theory plays out.
Mainnet by the end of the year (if released by then) should provide a much needed relief in the sell pressure.