SRMBTC SRMUSD latest trend:

As you can see the SRMBTC and SRMUSD went through a price correction and did not get a good support from Fibo 0.5 and .618 yet. Now it is at the 0.786. If we get a good support with good bullish indicators the price may rise again with the TPs been the next Fibo points! The final target at this point will be Fibo-1 the last historical high!

If Fibo 0.786 fails to support the price then the price will fail to Fibo-0, i.e. the initial price when introduced in Binance.

MoneyFlow seems OK, if the RSI breaks above Zero-line and other indicators be bullish as well that is a buy signal but make sure to sell at TP-1 and re-analyse your predictions!. Do not take unnessary risks! that is my strategy 🙂
Happy trading