There are good chances wave 3 finished and BTC is in wave 4 but there are some doubts about it…But, there is TD sell setup that should help to conclude correction should last a bit.
Tom Demark sell setup start to count after bullish price flip (close less than close 4 bars (candles) earlier immediately followed by close grater than 4 bars (candles) earlier.
A TD buy setup is if there are 9 consecutive closes each one less than corresponding four bars (candles) earlier. Perfect is when high of bars 8 and/or 9 is higher than bars 6 and/or 7….so this is perfect setup!

I saw lot of times that price after perfect setup in next few bars make new high (or low) and after that it changes direction so you can expect that as well, but usually does not go like that.

TD indicators are not perfect but i find them more reliable than others…Of course there are failures but not that much.