1463x: Target and Danger level for Bitcoin leg up


Plotted are two Golden Fibs of different time frames.
Solid lines are levels from local “Golden Fib” (parabolic).
Dashed lines are Bitcoin’s “Genesis Fib“, also a golden one.

Double fib at 14,63x should be very high gravity zone.
Minor hurdles below are 13,995 ( 14k call it) and 14,322.
IF we get to the 14.6 area, be VERY alert around 14,630.

HOWEVER, we are likely to pull back a bit right about now.
Local (solid) Gold 46.971 at $13,300 is a very likely retrace point.
Genesis (dashed) 46.791 at $12,644 is quite plausible for a wick.


My “Book” detailing my Methodology with Examples:
Chapter 1: Introduction and numerous Examples
Chapter 2: Detailed views and Wave Analysis
Chapter 3: The Dreaded 9.618: Murderer of Moves
Chapter 4: Impulse Redux: Return to Birth place
Chapter 5: Golden Growth: Parabolic Expansions <== Current Example
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