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XLMUSD H8: BUY/HOLD 15% gains bulls(SL/TP)(NEW)
IMPORTANT NOTE: speculative setup. do your own
due dill. use STOP LOSS. don’t overleverage.
Tagged as SHORT because I expect short-term
losses in this market.

🔸 Summary and potential trade setup
::: XLMUSD H8 chart review/outlook
::: 5 wave impulse bullish structure
::: based on AB swing extension
::: target is point C at 162 extension
::: 15% upside remains
::: previously accumulated and pumped
::: now we have the same sequence in progress
::: BUY/HOLD and exit at +15% gains
::: strong chart overall right now
::: recommended strategy: BUY/HOLD IT
::: TP BULLS +15% gains
::: reaccumulating now for more gains
::: good luck traders!
::: SHORT IT and get paid. period.
🔸 Supply/Demand Zones
::: N/A
::: N/A
🔸 Other noteworthy technicals/fundies
::: TD9 /Combo update: N/A
::: Sentiment mid-term: BULLS
::: Sentiment outlook short-term: BULLS