BTC is killing it.

The timing of the paypal fiat ramp is huge here. There are many projects being pushed on all levels as far as mass adoption in the crypto eco system but that PYPL situation summarizes it all! We will see where we go from here. We still believe there will be some pull back as btc dribbles and consolidates down the edge of that major support on the large triangle as bouncing up to test and eventually break through that 1300 plus zone. Regardless some good buy opportunities will present themselves in the coming weeks.


We were new to this eco system but not the hustle. That’s why we started our team HUSTLE GRIND MOMENTUM. If we can help anyone along the way and open a door for the community to help us while where at it so much the better. always learning and always evolving.

thanks for the bit of support we have picked up in this short window. Thank u all…