Could remain in the 2=4 range for a long time. Look to last year for some insight. XTZ led the way around the new year and the rest is history. XTZ is still up hundreds of percent off of its sub 50 cent lows in 18. Incredible. Anyone who is talking down on XTZ really doesnt know what they are talking about. It has been an incredible chart. One of the most bullish with an unbroken upward macro trend. I have a one year target of 15 dollars maximum. Although imo 5 dollars would be more realistic. With everything coming to tezos it is going to get very interesting as more corporations seek to add their names to the Tezos Roll owner and Bakers list. I will be keeping an eye on things. Once xtz gets moving it has a habit of not only overshooting its lows but also its highs.