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I’ll share the link below on my previous BTC idea using GANN FAN .

It was Sep 18 when BTC cost $10100!!! It grew more than +$2000!

So, today we have a chance to confirm this idea completely.

What Does a Gann Fan Tell You?

Angled lines are drawn above and below a central 45-degree line to help determine trend direction and strength.

Gann fans were developed by W. D. Gann . In his research, he found the 45-degree angle to be the ideal angle for charting based on his theories regarding the balance of time and price.

Gann fans are drawn from a central 45-degree angle line that extends out from a specified trend reversal level. Traders will draw a Gann fan at a reversal point to see support and resistance levels extended into the future.

The 45-degree angle line of the Gann Fan should be aligned with a 45-degree angle on the chart. To find the 45-degree angle, use the degree angle tool on your charting platform.

Thank you very much and thank you to the responsive commentators for their understanding. I spend my personal time tracking the market situation and share my opinion openly with you.

These ideas are not a channel with signals and I do not give recommendations on the entry/exit points. In my reviews, I provide analytics – those data that help to model potential options/scenarios of price movement!

Good luck my friends!