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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for October 22th .

This is a 30 minute chart created yesterday.

In the first wave,
Achieved the first profit segment. 1st liquidation

Second, a new orange parallel line is created.
(In the evening, I left comments for additional ideas.)

In the purple finger section,
Until section 2, It is the achievement of secondary returns.

On the Bybit exchange, you can use the Trailing stop function.

Congratulations to the profitable people..

How far it will go up,
I prepared because you might be curious

It’s a monthly candle chart.

I marked the main section.

I marked the total highs and the peaks respectively.

Only one monthly candle is generated per month.

Please refer to it.

Week candle chart.

Because the Week parallel line Resistance line break Through yesterday,

Newly created.

All major sections have also been modified,
Weekend gap difference interval,
Left only orange line.

Note Candle MACD Golden Cross,
It’s been a long time since this is a signal.

Until the next order, it may take several years

It is a 30 minute chart, a long position strategy.

I have marked each major section.

Today’s main content,

*Orange line

*Green support line.

If you don’t touch the orange line,
It rises strongly.

If you do not deviate from the green support line
The uptrend can be maintained.

The most dangerous is the, red support line.

Section 1 at the top is,
It is a long position trailing stop section.

*Blue finger -> Purple finger section
This is a section to catch the entry of a long position.

(Do not enter the short.)

The spot exchange,

On condition that it does not deviate from the red support line,

If you do not reach section 1,

Bitcoin related stocks
(Operated by Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV)

In case of breaking through section 1,

You only need to run “Bitcoin”.

Have a nice day everyone.

Thank you.