Lightcoin rises to $ 57.5


Hello my friend, today I want to give my analysis of LightQueen and I want to say that I have no responsibility for this analysis.
This is just my personal opinion.
This light coin chart is based on the EMA9.20.50 day indicator.
That is, if the 9-day indicator * breaks the 20-day indicator upwards and moves upwards, and the 50-day indicator falls below the two charts 20 and 50, the bullish chart.

As you can see, I had previously drawn a blue channel in which LightQueen suffers.
And now I have a pink channel, which is an ascending chart, and now LineQueen is a blue and pink channel breaking upwards.

And the black line drawn from the highesAnd this increase is definite when the EMA50 chart is below EMA9 and 50
And LightQueen’s next target will be in the range of 57.5t and lowest point of some time ago is also broken, which means that the light coin is increasing in all respects..