$BTC Updated LONG Targets


Bitcoin has knocked out every TP set in it’s path so far these past few weeks.

To everybody trading off the PayPal news, sorry to break it to you but news doesn’t affect price. BTC has been laddering up for the past month, almost two, and that PayPal news was perfect timing to explain the spike-up.

Obviously these companies aren’t going to release big news like this in the middle of a bear market or when the price is in the middle of bleeding up, they wait until trend reverses to drop the heat.

The daily close yesterday above $12.7k was huge, even after the scam-wick down it still held. This looks like a clear-as-day parabolic pattern in the wave one of the run-up. You can use my PSAR trailing stop bot strategy to trade these markets, found public on my TradingView Scripts.

I’m looking at BTC touching $13.6k monthly resistance.

1st TP 🎯 $13200
2nd TP 🎯 $13615

sub-10k levels are over, let’s rally this to the moon!!!! who is still short??? Putting bears on notice… thank you for your money <33333

As always please do your own research, I am not a financial advisor.