Bitcoin printing another bullish pattern, which can lead us to 15000 in 2020.
Here is why:
My view is based on EW I did changed a bit map, found similarities in smaller sub 3-4 waves, which pointed to bigger wave orange ③-④ setup, which I thought will be alt. But after all it seems like it is main one. Now Alt 1 and alt 2 considered less probable.

Where to buy?
So my point is we are going to see price sub 12000 again or we will go near it at 11500… Buy the dip is a good point.

Where to sell and take profits?
I will expect rise up to 14k with dip down to sub 13-12.5k. Then another wave of rise up to 15k and possible extension to 20k… This might happen during christmas / Q1 of 2021.

What will be with coins and tokens (altcoins)
Usually alts dies during such moves, so be careful, and try to cut unnecessary positions. I will send holding signals for coins when such price action appears.

Stay tuned to Artem Crypto! Have a good profits!