Long Position: Bitcoin into the descendent triangle!!!


Bitcoin just for gains limited, because Bitcoin is formed a descendent triangle and trend is becoming morbearish!!! Now, we are in this simetric triangle flag, but as reference we touch an important support that bulls are make resistance on this zone!!!

Remember that in H4timeframe there’s a limited gains until the $11,540 USD. And approximately in this price, we turn to put in short position approximately at $11,500-$11,600 that is a good zone to short position until the $10,500 USD to pick down benefit on Bitcoin .

And rememebr that we’re here into this simetric triangle of re-accumulation, but for the next days we hope htat Bitcoin is leading to the $10,500 USD to then, put long position!!!

Good luck on this long posiiton trade.

I put a buy order limit at $11,260 USD wiht a SL at $11,080 USD and my target profit will be $11,540 USD.

Good luck!!!