October 15th BTCUSD Chart Analysis



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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for October 15th .

This is a 30 minute chart created yesterday.

I deleted all the messy content.
And ,The red line is marked in real time.

Also on the NASDAQ, there was a downtrend.

Yesterday overall,
Because it was a difficult spot for the trend to come out,

Can’t touch the purple section,

In the red arrow section,
Purple finger section at the bottom

The sideway move finish was in progress.

Check it out and congratulations on the profits.

4 hours chart.

With yesterday’s move,
The main section has changed little by little.

I have marked each major section.
Please check the convergence section of the green resistance line / red support line.

Today, I am also focused on short position.

This is a 30 minute chart, short position strategy.

I will introduce a new version today.

Real-time movement,
You can check it with the arrows in Trading View.
(Because it is a 30-minute chart, you can check the real-time moving route)

*Check the green resistance line / red support line and convergence section.

* Empty space is a waiting area.

*When breaking through the green resistance line or breaking through the purple section
Short position strategy failed.
(At the return adjustment, wait for a long position)

*If you cannot break through the green resistance line,

Blue, from the short position entry section,
Stop-loss and bottom, final target check.
(Check the short trailing stop section and the long position switching section.)

The spot exchange,

Upon breaking through the purple line,
Operate as a major altcoin,

If the movement comes out according to the short position strategy,
Today, short-term trading of other altcoins.

Tomorrow with me,
You can operate it with a major altcoin.

Thank you.