Hey guys, just going through one more time with UNI and creating a Wyckoff model for it. I know that UNI is very trendy right now, so there is some interest in this analysis.

First off, a couple of things about this chart. It *IS* bearish medium term, in the short term, there is a strong chance to at least get to the $4.6 price range. I would go ahead and get in right here. The small SOW event on the bottom of this ascending channel means that it is going to POP HARD to the upthrust side.

While there are two different distribution models of Wyckoff continuity, the Upthrust is a guaranteed. What I am telling you is that I’m practically guaranteeing that right around $4.6 WILL COME…. This is a “nuh duh” investment opportunity right here. I’d go ahead and take majority of my profit right there.

There is another possibility that we do have a UTAD on this distribution run and price could make it all the way to $5. This would be your 2nd take profit. If UTAD can’t be had, take profit on the low side of the channel support.

No matter what this is a VERY profitable move right here guys. I would DEFINITELY get into UNI like ASAP .