Expected to rise $XRP/USD with SWELL 2020 coming up.


Expectations for XRP are very high.

Most recently, the resistance is on the ¢ 25.7 line, and breaking through this line is likely to be the starting point for the explosion. Since the low price was hit on September 24, the price has been steadily rising, and expectations for the rise are steadily rising.

In the past, the trend before the SWELL event was that expectations were raised by the SWELL date and then fell on the SWELL date for the third consecutive year. Under such circumstances, although there is a possibility that it will be sold on the SWELL date this year as well, it is expected that the increase will continue from next week to the date.

In next week, it is necessary to pay close attention to the trends in the US presidential election, stock markets, financial markets, gold market trends and the cryptocurrency market, but the rise in XRP will be in the cryptocurrency market. There is no doubt that it will have a positive effect on.

I would like to expect an increase while continuing to thoroughly manage risks.