HBAR/BTC Main trend. Potential reversal zone. Past idea + 500%


BTC In this idea, I showed the main development trend of this cryptocurrency. It is a fairly new cryptocurrency. It is currently ranked 65th in terms of capitalization according to coinmarketcap.

On the charts, we see a descending channel , the removal of “passengers”. Return through the concave bottom and, as a result, pumping up the price by + 500% of the average values ​​of the 2nd phase of the concave bottom.

Then, after a partial reset of the position, a horizontal channel began to form with a step of 50% for 2 months while maintaining the 360 ​​level zone. This horizontal channel is the zone ……. of the position of this coin. After 5 months of the existence of channel 13 09, this channel (support 360) was pierced to eliminate “stuck passengers”. At the moment, there is a breakdown of the secondary trend of the downtrend. A fractal is forming. Possible price reversal zone.

For this trading pair, I have accompanied the price in updates to the trading idea published on December 4, 2019, right up to the pump itself. 2 days before the pump of this cryptocurrency, I made another trading idea, which is published on this site. I will attach these ideas under this trading idea.

False movement + 12% to the downtrend of the main trend.
A very large number of people believed in the pump. The price returned to support. Critical zone (red).
The potential to break it, like the bulk of the crowd, is aimed at quick and easy money. The crowd always loses.

Downstream channel. Removal of “passengers”.

Downstream channel. Break of the downward trend line .
Return via “Dragon”. The crowd’s belief in growth has been killed. Believers in leave the ship before surfacing.

Forming the Cup. Ross Hooks are in phase 3 of this pattern.

+ 500% after 2 days

The previous trading idea for this coin gave a profit of about 400% 2 days after the publication of the idea, and whoever followed the updates of the first trading idea and idea with work in a downward channel could get much larger profit, as the entry point (Local Dragon) was shown at the lowest price values. From her, the first impulse-pump + 500%. Real profit from + 500%, depending on who trades how 200-300%. The liquidity to reset the position to + 300% was acceptable.

The main thing is to “kill faith below” and “give it above”. Faith is a terrible force. Depending on how you use it, it can either replenish your deposit or empty it. Think not like the main crowd of the market. Make your mind work for you.