Warning: Bitcoin is below of the EMA 200


Bitcoin is below of the EMA 200, we could see yet an another sell-off.

Now, in H4 timeframe we are turn in bearish scenario, and also in H1 we have the same situation, now we are into this ascendent triangle, this is not considerade a bullish pattern or accumulation because we are in the drop , and I’m not imagine that Bitcoin continue down.

Basically, why Bitcoin is go to down until the $9,000 USD as possible and exact target that Bitcoin need it?

Because as we see a strenghten of the U.S. Dollar as fundamental, Gold is an example, has a drop of more of 7% in this week based that Federal Reserve want’s to buoy Chinnese bonds and want to make a U.S. stimulus to support the U.S. economic.

So, investor are buying U.S. Dollar, that is my own conclusion and opinion based in what we see in the trend markets!!!