Uniswap Analysis (price prediction idea)


Hello again,

This is the 2nd day of my price prediction posts and as we can see, the price is dancing around 5.40USD – 4.60USD. This is very important phase of resistance at this time.
Remember it’s all about the news around the project and the speculations here, but this graphic is something, which we can take a note of. In my opinion, another factor of this down trend is the annual September’s sell off of all the coins. As you can see, all the coins are on “-” in the last few days and it’s a Septemberish trend.
Anyway, if everything goes well and there is no bad news about the project, I’m expecting and hoping for uptrend in the next days because of this strong resistance here. We’ll see.

Guys, this is my opinion, but do not take it as an investment advice.
Thank you for time.