Detailed Tezos chart


So more a detailed Tezos chart. Some explanation on the chart.

Getting rejected after 9 days of consolidation, from the Red trendline. Blue bar counts as our big support. The red horizontal line is actually our hard resistance. A significant break is only possible, if bitcoin stabilizes good. The breakout to the 4 USDT have been shaked out. because of bitcoin price movements.

RSI is almost horizontal no surprising movement. Slowly cooking to move somewhere. Plenty of space to the upside. To say if there is a bullish or bearish divergence is hard to say, since it’s moving almost horizontal.

MACD is clearly ready to make some good green candles to the upper side. Volume is the only key we are missing to make greenlight on the MACD .

TP choose for yourself.
Stop loss yellow horizontal line, price arround 2.10/15