Bitcoin (BTC) – September 13 (1h)


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We must see if we can ascend above 10591.5 points.
The 10591.5 point is the resistance point that first started spawning on July 15, 2019.

If it breaks through the 10591.5 point, it is expected to hit more than 11757.5 points in the near future.

If you climb above 11757.5, you must make sure you are supported at 11516.5.

If it rises according to the above flow, there is a possibility that it will break through the 12308.5 point around October 28, and it is expected that it will touch near the 14227.5 point.
I think there is a high possibility of surpassing the 13K range previously expected.

(1W chart)

(1D chart)


(USDT Dominance 1D Chart)

We have to see if we can go below the 3.695 point, the top of the gap.
To do that, we need to see when it falls below the 4.163 point.
We need to first see if we can clearly move below the 4.468 point and below the downtrend line around September 15.


( BTC Dominance 1D Chart)

It is falling below the downtrend line (2).
As with the previous trend, you can touch the downtrend line (1), so I think you need to trade carefully.
If you touch the downtrend line (2) and go down, you are likely to touch the 58.020 point.
If you touch the 56.740-58.020 section, I think the coin market is highly likely to form a new wave.
If you touch the 56.740-58.020 section, a sharp ascent may occur.
At this point, you must watch to see if it rises above the downtrend line (1).

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** Check support, resistance, and abbreviation points.
** Support or resistance is based on the closing price of the 1D chart.
** All explanations are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss on investment.

Explanation of abbreviations displayed on the chart
R: A point or section of resistance that requires a response to preserve profits
S-L: Stop-Loss point or section
S: A point or segment that can be bought for generating profit as a support point or segment

(Short-term Stop Loss can be said to be a point where profits and losses can be preserved or additionally entered through installment trading. You must trade from a short-term investment perspective.)