waiting for the showdown?


Last time I thought 10558 was the key point, but unfortunately the decline happened to fall below this position.
The resumption, four hours, 8/31, made a long position near 10700, was deceived and had a fantasy, fell below 10558, stop loss.

9960 is considered to be a strong support, do a long position, 10400 take profit.
The profit-loss ratio is good, but there is still a sense of frustration.

In the follow-up plan, the key position will be adjusted to 10600. A breakthrough in heavy volume or a breakthrough in Wi-Fi can be a reason for chasing more. However, if the position of 11600-11800 is not broken or the position is unstable, remember to take profit.
For short positions, the opposite is true, but whether it will come is really bad.

(There is a high probability that it will fluctuate sideways for a period of time. After repairing, the next wave of trends will be formed.)

I’m confused, so I’m planning to find a few friends to go out and relax.

Update as you go