BTC in the channel, trying to accumulate power


I think BTC will test 10480-10500 before the week ends.
I will:
Scalp ( BTC , long)
Enter: 10340-10363
Exit1: 10430
Exit2: 10477
Exit3: 10520
General rules in my trades (scalping/ intraday trading):
-Exit1 and Exit2 is the exits I use generally, Exit3 is just for risk lovers.
-If not otherwise specified, I would recommend a stoploss at the price of around 2x change at the unwanted direction. Although, I must say that the stoplosses are very individual and you need to decide it for yourself depending on how much you cope with “pain and pleasure” in trading.
– I would not recommend a high leverage trading.
– SCALPING IS A HIGHLY VOLATILE/DYNAMIC GAME, because of that please follow my updates, that I try to publish when necessary.