The key is the MA100 in 4H time


Hello MEGAGENTE.! Clearly the price has us doubting and quite anxious. I want to think that the price is going to rise and collide with the MA100 at $ 10,685 (approx), I base it on the fact that the price in temporary 4H has since Sep 2, 2020 at 5am (Argentine time) that it does not touch the same Remember that the price will always look for the MOVING STOCKINGS or the moving averages will always look for the price. So if the price continues to fall, I want to think that it is going to make that movement first, since in the 1D temporality it has been already since 3Sep2020 accompanied by that great fall of 2 days followed by the price flirting with the MA100 of the named temporality. Now in the 1H chart it is already 45 hours above the MA100. THEN based on the fact that the temporality that is not close to it is this 4H I have faith in thinking that it will be the next price (10685,58$) movement before doing anything else. How to climb hard or the opposite.
It helps me to think that it will rise seeing that the EMA20 opened (although little) over the WMA50, in general, that gives me a signal of rise in the temporality that we are seeing the graph