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Short term we may see some sideways or short upwards action before breaking back down into another dip.
The next lowest support level I see is $9,500 which also lines up nicely with the 0.382 Fib Re-tracement level.
The next lowest support level is $9,000 and then $8,700. (again, check out those fib levels)

Looking more broadly, we can see some Hidden Bullish Reversal Divergence on the daily chart .
So upwards we have the $10,500 , $10,800 , $11,000 and $11,200 resistance levels.

I still see the overlying bearish momentum dominating in the mid-term, while more broadly the upwards momentum is sustaining and building.
( BTC & Cryptos can be an important store-of-value/replacement for the ever-inflating and devaluing fiat currencies -ahem- RIP Fed Reserve)

Still trading under the 210 period Moving Average (since 9-2-2020)
I think we may experience a short pullback to closer to the 210 MA followed by another wave down away from it.
Notice how the price keeps coming back to the 210 & 21 period MAs?
(Shout-out to Oliver Velez, thank you for pointing that out.)

I am mostly looking for good short positions during this time but I am un-biased and always acknowledging both Bullish and Bearish signals.

What’s your strategy?
What’d I miss?

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