QuarkChain Prediction For Next Target (Wick & Candle Close)


Here we are looking at QuarkChain ( QKCBTC )… Let’s play a game.

This pair is trading near strong support marked by the 0.618 Fib. retracement level as well as MA200… The bullish action can easily resume here.

We also have the 0.786 Fib. retracement support…
If prices go lower, this is very likely where the next move will start to form.

I am predicting that the next wave will result in a higher high and I am trying to guess the exact price.

We are looking at 195 satoshis for the maximum price when the next jump happens; candlewick.

And 163 satoshis for the main target or where the candle closes after the peak price is hit.

This is based on multiple chart signals, the general market cycle, and the newly formed uptrend.

For this prediction to be invalidated prices need to hit below 27 satoshis…
Any trading above this price and we can expect my targets to be the next candle close/peak… Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks a lot for your support.