BTCUSD 28 AUG 2020 (still low supply/but enough demand??)


Linear reg IMO is one of the best tools you can use to clean up your chart and know where you are within a range.Highly suggest tryingf it out and training it. I think you wil be suprised. Its like shooting a rifle with a sight or without a sight… which one will probably be more accurate?

Got that double botton at support… easy to see…

Can it mark up from here? Well teh suppy pressure is low so it it plausible…

Just keep your risk in check. Buy low. Look for the targets off of fib and support.

if you caught the bear trap/fake break at the double bottom , you would be up about 3% + and would be looking to profit here , at least partially, in the event price comes back down . If it does come back down…GREAT… i like bargains.