(REJECTION = 11.4K) – (BREAKOUT = 12.1K)


Good evening -Yurlo

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We’re at a key level with less then 30 minutes left until todays daily close.

If we break 11700 – expect a retest of at least 11.9 -12.1k

If we reject 11700 – expect a retest of at least 11.4-11.6k

I’ve been taking time away from making TA’s and been learning and adding knowledge into my brain to help you guys better and better!

(the circle is currently in make or break zone – the move is coming!

Stick to the TA and remain reacting in the most logical way, take it level by level (don’t try and force yourself into a position with a bad r/rr. PLAN YOUR TRADES AND TRADE YOUR PLANS.