Bitcoin possible scenarios


We’re getting towards the end of August, and like I’ve shared before September and October are risk months for a crash in the stock markets.

Additionally, I also shared the last 3 election years 08,12,16 where the S&P declined from now until november every time.

Of course this time could be different, but there is a good chance of stock markets selling off
and will they take bitcoin /crypto with them? they did in march
so there’s definitely a possibility we can get a selloff& correction from here for a few more months (blue or red option)
green would also be possible with a rally up to 14k and then correction before heading to ATH
and then orange would be the super bullish case where it just goes straight to 20k, not very likely imo but possible
and then of course there’s a super bear scenario where it just dumps back down to 6k… but I don’t think that’s very likely at this point
personally I hope for green, but we might get blue

This is not financial advice and is my personal opinion only.